Meet the female faculty – Female academics at Ruhr-Universität bochum

“Meet the Female Faculty”, which was held for the first time at RUB in 2009, is an event aimed at female academics at any stage of their professional career. All are welcome, whether they are female professors, leaders of early career researcher groups, women preparing a postdoctoral thesis to qualify to become a professor, or even female doctoral candidates. The event aims to inform, facilitate cross-disciplinary exchange, and establish and develop networks.
“Meet the Female Faculty” takes place annually – on the second Wednesday of every January – and is organised by the Professional Development Office in cooperation with RUB’s equal opportunity officers.


2015: Meet the Female Faculty

2014: Meet the Female Faculty

2013: Meet the Female Faculty

2012: Meet the Female Faculty

2011: Meet the Female Faculty : Eine stille Revolution? Forschungsbezogene Gleichstellungsstandards und Karriereentwicklung von Wissenschaftlerin

2010: Meet the Female Faculty : Erfolg hat viele Gesichter - Spielregeln des Erfolgs

2009: Meet the Female Faculty: Wissenschaftskarriere - Informationen aus erster Hand!